Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday...

Current Wishlist

I have done absolutely nothing of note this week thanks to the most annoying migraine, medication has only dulled the pain so I can go to work.  I didn't want to sit this one out by default but I really didn't have any great ideas for my weekly ideas but plenty of wants.  So here ya go - my crushes.

1. Athleta Chaturanga Capri...actually any quality capri will work out just fine but I own several items from Athleta and these are reasonably priced and look quite comfortable.

2.  Origins EyeZing Refreshing Eye Cream.  Maybe last week's cold and this week's never-ending headache have made my eyes super puffy or maybe I'm just getting to the point where I need to switch up my beauty products.  I've had this one on the radar forever and I think it might be time to take the plunge.

3.  Sigma Flat Top Kabuki brush.  Oh I'd love to have this to buff in my foundation, I have a foundation bush by sigma that I like but I don't use it on work days because it takes a long time to blend and I'm all about speed Mon - Fri.

4.  Hobo International Alice Wallet.  I love my current Kate Spade wallet and I have a Hobo Lauren that I also like but this one is welcome to join the party.  I love turquoise but I will not turn down the caramel color either.

5. Brooks PureFlow 3.  I'd love some refreshing new footwear for Spring.  I have a model of Ravennas that are nice but I wouldn't mind trying something else.

Peer Pressure.  Peer Pressure...


  1. i have tried every running shoe brand…ever. (practically) i just bought a new pair and they are the nike flyknit 1+ and i'm in love. they are light but still padded. (i've had two knee surgeries about 10 years ago.) i recommend! :) also…have you tried any aveda eye creams? i'm in love with them! showing some linkup love…new reader! yay!

    karli -

    1. I would definitely consider those Nike Flyknits, I've work Brooks for years but I am not opposed to trying a different shoe. I have not tried Aveda but I might have to add it to my ever growing list of products to try. I've never been happy with an eye cream truthfully but I keep trying them.

  2. Hello form the link up :) I love turquoise too ...the wallet is fab!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!