Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another Wedding Errand Weekend

So this weekend was absolutely packed with errand after errand.  R surprised me with tickets to see Wicked at the DPAC and we saw an opportunity to meet with a few wedding vendors since we were in the area.
First off - I enjoyed Wicked so much!  I can't believe I hadn't seen it before!  The cast was fantastic and I was really surprised at how great our seats were.

The rest of our Saturday was devoted to our wedding.  We stopped by the hotel that we have blocked for our guests so we could check out the rooms.  I wasn't sure why they asked us to do it but I'm glad to know my family and friends will be staying in such phenomenal suites.  I also researched some salons hoping to book one for the morning  of the wedding but I haven't settled on it yet.  We also met with a florist who is definitely a top contender but I have to meet with one other before I make my decision.  Saturday we had lunch at my top location, Lucky 32 in Cary NC, for my bridal luncheon and decided to book them - the food was delicious and they have a great variety of dishes.  R had the pulled pork on challah and I had a hot ham and havarti sandwich.
This afternoon we had a meeting with a caterer and decided to book him immediately.  He was friendly and professional and the tasting was delicious.  I also was able to meet with the staff that would be working my reception. I'm thrilled with Austin at Cook Shack Catering and I can't wait for everyone to have the meal that I tasted today!
And the last wedding update, my future mother in law has chosen the location for our rehearsal dinner.  I'm excited, I've been to an event at Fearrington before and the location was beautiful and the food was to die for. 
I don't think I have anymore updates right now.  I have to choose a florist and a hair salon and I'll be finished with all the vendor decisions.  We are taking our engagement photos next month and I've been scrambling to get my outfits together - all I have left to do is accessorize them and help R choose his outfits.  I'll post OOTD style when I have everything selected.

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