Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When, Where, and a Dress

So in my last post I mentioned we have a venue for our wedding... well we also now have an official date!  Originally I was hoping to be a fall 2012 bride but it really was too much too soon.  Within two weeks we were already overwhelmed and felt like we were "behind" on everything.  I wasn't happy that we had to change it but now I think it is the best decision we have made and we've started enjoying the planning process.  We are still getting married at Shady Wagon Farm in New Hill, North Carolina on...
(drum roll please)

March 23, 2013!  One year from the day he proposed to me.  I'm still sad that the proposal was so shocking that I can't remember everything he said but I think setting our date on March 23rd is a sweet way to acknowledge our engagement.

Oh, and I found my dress.  The third dress I tried on at my first bridal shop.  I'll admit that I already knew what I was looking for.  I love dresses and I know what necklines and shapes look best on me.  Mom and I didn't quite agree, her favorite dress was similar to my junior prom dress in shape and although it was beautiful on me, it just wasn't my style.  She also purchased my headpiece and I found shoes online that I love!  R reads my blog so I can't post any pictures of my wedding day outfit but I can tell you that it's perfect for me!

The Southern Bridal Expo is scheduled for this weekend.  R and I are meeting up with my best friend (and MOH) to check out the vendors and maybe get a few ideas.  We are also going to visit a few bridal shops to look at bridesmaid dresses.  I'm looking for something pink, maybe in a flowy chiffon fabric.  My MOH went last weekend and tried on several dresses so I could get an idea of whats available and one of them was adorable.  I can definitely imagine it alongside my dress.

I don't have anymore wedding updates.  I purchased more Ole Henrikson serum and night cream for my birthday - I love this stuff!  I will also be experimenting with hair masques in the next few months and I'll be sure to post some reviews.  I need a trim so I was going to talk with my stylist about a good hair regimen so it'll be healthy and shiny next Spring. I've been in such a rut using the same products and I can't wait to purchase a few new ones to test out!

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