Sunday, September 26, 2010

Styling Rant

Today I have to rant. So I've been on the hunt for a dress to wear out at homecoming in a few weeks. These are not dresses that made my cut but rather examples of what I saw online; I love looking at websites for styling ideas and these are some of my favorite sites for dress buying. Some stores do an excellent job of hair, makeup, and accessories which make me want to buy everything on the page. Other sites (i.e, JCrew) feature models that look unclean and unhealthy and some of their poses make me question the fit of the outfit. I heard a rumor that a lot of companys are going to try styling clothes the way JCrew advertises which makes me very unsure of the future for online shopping for me. I still love all the following stores but I definitely prefer the models to look like they could be going to the event they're dressed for in the photo.
Ann Taylor Looking Party Perfect Banana Republic Sophisticated
Lilly Pulitzer Fun and Flirty
The Limited End of Summer Soiree
It looks like these models were told not to wash their hair for a week and the makeup artist gave them a super matte, colorless face. Oh and the models were asked to stand as awkwardly as possible
JCrew...Dishelved Diva
JCrew - I'm out of words. You can name this one.


  1. The Ann Taylor dress is killer. For real. And I agree with you on J.Crew- while it is one of my favorite stores because the items are timeless & are of great quality... they really need to step it up in the styling department.

  2. Mom and I were shopping this weekend and she fell in love with a gray blazer from JCrew. But she wanted it in black. So we flipped through the catalog to see other colors - and when we found it my Mom exclaimed - "Gosh I would have never liked this if I originally saw it in the catalog!" There stuff looks miserable in print and online.