Sunday, August 1, 2010

New kicks and a self tanner review

Random I know... I've never in my life called them kicks but it sounded better than tennies (my usual pet name for athletic shoes). Of all the shoes I tried on these fit the best but I don't know anything about them or running shoes in general. If I continue to run outside they won't stay this white for long. I love my new Under Armour socks. These are usually super expensive at sporting goods stores but you can find them for half price at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I love that they are slip proof.
My new ear buds, hopefully these won't slip out of my ears the way my old ones did. They are much more comfortable.
And a new self tanner....
Gotta say, this one is not a winner. I've tried various spray tanners and this one is definitely unsatisfactory. It does have a continuous spray and it can spray in all different directions but the formula is so wet that it is impossible not to streak. I dabbed first with tissue and ended up with muddy legs. I tried it a few other times with a much lighter hand and used a mitt to rub the product into my skin. Absolutely did not work for me and it was messy - everytime I used it I spent 10 minutes washing the bathtub trying not to splatter any water on my newly sprayed arms and legs. Even the inside of my nose tanned - no kidding - just try not to inhale this product. The aerosol formula carried all the way to the living room and had mom and me coughing for several hours. I was trying to blow it out of my nose or cough it up, whatever it took to keep from inhaling more of it. Did Not Work For Me.


  1. I also HATED Ulta's selt tanner. it was weird and watery and awful. Try Neutrogena or L'oreal. Much much better aerosol tanners.

  2. I had read good things about it because a lot of self tanners don't have an efficient continous spray (which is my one plus for this product). I hadn't used the L'oreal spray because years ago the gel formula turned me orange - maybe I should take a leap and try the spray, I've even heard they reformulated the gel.